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Fu Lam Mum
Fu Lam Mum
153 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
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Fu Lam Mum

153 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

What is it that makes eating at a restaurant a special experience for anyone? Is it just eating food that someone else has prepared? Is it good food? How about a comfortable environment?

What sets a real restaurant experience apart from other dining options is service. Being treated like you are special in a comfortable environment while eating good food is the ideal restaurant experience and our staff understands that service is the keystone of our business. Virtually every review ever written about Fu Lam Mum has specifically mentioned the friendly and attentive service the guest received.

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While our service is something we are proud of, it is not a compensation for substandard meals. People who know and love traditional Chinese food upon their first visit often tell us that we have immediately become their go to location for dim sum at any hour of the day or night! Our menu is extensive and offers a variety of familiar and exotic Chinese dishes from Pan-Fried Dumplings to Preserved Egg & Pork Porridge. We believe in customer satisfaction and using quality ingredients like Abalone, Oxtail, and Goose make our menu is our way of encouraging customers to indulge and be adventurous with their eating!

There is one other thing that sets Fu Lam Mum apart from other eateries - night owls love us. We live in a world that never sleeps and many people work or play on such a schedule that they find themselves looking for a good meal hours after traditional dinner time. For these people, the choices are generally which fast food drive-thru seems least unappealing at the time. With our late night Dim Sum menu, someone can sit in a real restaurant and eat real traditional Chinese food instead or order for takeout.

With great food, great service, and an operating schedule that makes both available to even late night diners, Fu Lam Mum should be at the top of the list for anyone in the area looking for quality chinese food in the Peninsula.

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